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department in oakland. >> that's true. >> very big day around here. >> mavericks going on. and the game coming up. >> two games coming up. and also the ravens and the patriots here on cbs 5. remember that. meanwhile, big time in washington, d.c. as president barack obama officially begins his second term. and he is going to be sworn in just before 9:00 a.m. pacific time today. the public swearing in is tomorrow. >> according to a new york times poll, he heads into the second term with an approval rating of 51%. 10 months ago, it was 41%, the lowest of his presidency. the highest rating was 68% in april of 2009. and about 90 minute, he will take the oath of office for his second term. it's going to happen in front of a small gathering at the white house blue room. and tomorrow, the swearing in will be reenacted outdoors. we are in washington, d.c. with more on what's ahead. >> reporter: with the national day of service behind us,
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preparations are underway for here in washington, d.c. for the official swearing in. president barack obama's official swearing in will happen today as wills have biden's. both ceremonies will be small and private. by law, they have to happen on january 20th. and that means that the inaugural parade and ceremony will happen on the following monday. that is also the 50th anniversary of the martin luther king, jr. "i have a dream speech." in washington, d.c., cbs 5 5. vice president biden was sworn in this morning. the supreme court justice administered the oath. tomorrow, he will take the oath again right before the president on the steps of the capitol with people looking on from the national mall. more star power on tap this year. >> lady gaga is set to perform
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during the festivities. the pop star will sing at tuesday's ball for the staffers. typically, a private affair. and she will perform a specially worded number at the event, similar to what jayz did four years ago when he added his own lyrics at the same event. and now coming up on face the nation, the inauguration and the next four years for president barack obama. the state white house senior adviser will join this morning at 8:30 a.m. here on cbs 5. the bart station is back up and running today after a shootout killed a man. that happened yesterday afternoon at the station's bus loading zone. bart shut down the station soon after the shooting happened. it reopened around 7:00 last night. according to officers, there may have been more than one person responsible. in fact, they are looking at two separate groups that may
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have been shooting at each other. a 40-year-old man was caught in the cross fire and killed. paramedics transported another woman to the hospital, but she is expected to live. officers arrested a 16-year-old suspect and they are looking for three more. >> we don't have a number of shootings, whether in daylight or nighttime. so this is atypical. >> some witnesses were interviewed at the scene. and rescue crews in hawaii found the bodies of two men from san francisco and they're blaming the deaths on the high surf. yesterday off the island. officials say a 46-year-old and 47-year-old were both exploring the rocks along the coast when a wave pulled baker into the water. griffin went in after him and both drowned. strong rip currents pulled at least six surfers into dangerous waters yesterday. san francisco and u.s. coast guard rescue crews were called to ocean beach after the
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surfers were reported missing around 12:30 in the afternoon. one man suffered from the shoulder injury and the other made it back to shore safely. the national weather service has issued a high surf advisory for today. the same conditions posing a danger to people in and out of the water also mean prime conditions for today's big surf competition. prosurfers from around the world are hoping to catch waves as much as 30 feet high. spectators will not be able to watch from the beach. that's after strong waves injured people in 2010. surfers hit the water in less than 30 minutes from now. and 49ers one game away from the super bowl . san francisco has to win today's championship game against the falcons. >> that's right. we're less than five hours away from kick-off. and not only have the 49ers arrived in georgia, but so have
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the faithful. >> reporter: it's what he does after he scores touchdown. look at the fans here in atlanta, already trying to perfect it. >> reporter: as for the dame, under heavy security, here they were arriving after an hour and a half walk-through. the coach was the only one who satisfied the autograph seekers. >> got a good tough offense. i don't think their defense can handle it. >> reporter: meantime at the airport, 49er fans have arrived. >> quest for six, new orleans- style. don't give up. >> reporter: you came from utah? >> salt lake city, utah. >> the 49ers will win sunday why? >> because smith is going to do his thing. as long as they do their thing, the defense steps up and do what they did last week and the offense is going to step up.
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we're going to be all right. >> reporter: not quite, but this will do. one more trip to new orleans and super bowl xlvii. in atlanta, cbs 5. >> and for more on the 49er's post-season coverage and to up load your own photos, go to our website. i am hoping that some day, maybe we can do you to do some. >> let's move on now. >> yes. back to politics this morning, california leaders gathering in washington, d.c. for the inauguration. and this weekend, they are talking about the hot topic gun control. >> you know, oakland and california have these very strong gun control laws, but i still have teenagers with ak- 47s on the street. >> plus, what the city of oakland needs to do its streets safe. the councilman joins us live in
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the studio. how technology hopes to change risk. up next on health watch. and we've got a beautiful sunday on the way. plenty of clear skies around the bay area. the numbers are freezing in parts, but it will get warm from there. the details after a break. world-class surfers taking
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famous for world-class surfers taking epic rides on huge waves. welcome back. the time is 7:40. well, mavericks is famous for world class surfers taking epic rides on those waves. >> and wipeouts are epic as well. but new technology may help surfers tackle the monster waves more safely. >> that's nathan. >> reporter: maverick, it's a show like no other. the world's best surfers line up to ride one of the world's
7:40 am
biggest breaks, but big wave surfing is not without risk. riding here can be deadly. and now a new wave of technology hopes to change that. >> surfer can lay flat on the vest. >> reporter: meet terry moss. >> when a 40-foot wave crashes on you, it's like falling out of a two-story building. and into a washing machine. you don't know if you're up, down, sideways. >> reporter: a driver diver has perfected the art of holding your extreme beth. but hold it too long, you don't know it and you can black out and drown. >> it comes without notice. it just happens. there's no warning. >> reporter: and now the retired oral surgeon is working on a project to make the experiences safer with high- tech life vest. on the back, a mechanism that contains -- >> circuitry and the water pressure sensor. >> reporter: that's programmable, allowing the user
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to set a maximum time under water and a maximum depth, hit the limit and it automatically inflates, bringing injured or unconscious surfers to the surface. >> it would be great. and what is great about it, it's new technology. >> reporter: he is a rescue boat operator. he says the vest can play a role, but more is needed. >> when you're dealing with this kind of surf, you can have all the devices on you, you still need, you still need a jet ski to come pick you up once you're inflation device activates. >> reporter: in the meantime, the show will go on. >> humans do push the envelope and more and more testosterone being poured into the water, we need something to bring us back. >> reporter: cbs 5 health watch. and i was at the beach yesterday, the waves were huge. concerned about sneaker waves and whatnot this weekend as well. >> that's right. but what the weather may be as we go into the mavericks.
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here is our pinpoint forecast. >> indeed, we have a high surf advisory posted this morning, but a lot of sun. beautiful sunrise as well. as we look at the numbers around the area, below 30 degrees. it's 29 there. 36 in san jose. at the airport, not so bad, 42 degrees. on the cusp of a beautiful sunday. and looks like much of the week is going to stay that way. on the advisory until 4:00 this afternoon, high surf advisory for the entire coast. breakers to 20 feet. strong rip currents associated with that. and if you're just sky gazing, you will see plenty of sun today. high pressure is built offshore. we get light offshore winds. and in the summertime, might mean really warm temperatures. and this time of the year, relatively cool air. so we will stay mild today. and warmer than yesterday. and any systems out in the pacific will stay there for
7:43 am
now. just sunny and for january, mild today. pin point forecast is calling for a high of 66 degrees. fairfield is up to 60 degrees. 68 in san jose. we are back into the 60s big time today. and in terms of the game, looks like really not that dramatically different from atlanta to hear. 60 degrees for game time with mostly clear skies. and the martin luther king, jr. holiday, sunshine and mild temperatures, mostly this the mid-60s and. the extended forecast, things stay sunny until next weekend. the next time we get a chance of rain into the bay area, next saturday. between now and then, the numbers stay in the 60s. temperatures will come down midweek. so enjoy the next couple days of mild temperatures. and now the latest. >> thank you. there's plenty of talk these days about gun control in washington, d.c. >> and that includes the local leaders from california. and more than half of americans back stricter gun controls the. mayor is in washington, d.c.
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for the u.s. conference of mayors and also the inauguration. she says strong gun laws at the the state and local levels are not enough. >> you know, oakland and california have the very strong gun control laws, but i still have teenagers with ak-47s on the streets of oakland because they can come in from nevada and by mail. so we really have to have a national law that requires at least id checks and criminal background checks. >> and now in oakland, the mayor has been lobbying for the hiring of the former la and new york police chief. and that has provoked protest at public meetings. more on hiring that police consultant and state of public safety. the councilman joining us live. thank you for being here. >> and also the chairman of the public safety committee. that puts you at ground zero. last week, a vote on the contract and it was a rather entering move. a split council after a five-
7:45 am
hour meeting with the number of protesters, voted the contract out, but left his name off it. why? >> well, that's a good question. i think as leaders, we have to stop being swayed or moved by the political at-hand at the moment. and i think that was an indication of that. for me, the chief, as an experienced chief, police officer, no nonsense guy, gets to the point. and we got to let him develop what he would recommend is the best plan for oakland to deal with safety. >> and that's probably the lightning rod of the controversy here, his plan includes the staff and frisk policy. some police departments are doing that right now. and a lot of people say it's subject to racism. >> yeah. >> you support it? >> i support it. and i heard the mayor's comments. talk a lot. but when the action has to be
7:46 am
taken, they disappear. for me, i need to give every tool to my police officers to do their job. and they need to do their job. and you know, the voters in my district made it very clear, even as of last week, they made it clear, you're number one issue, stay focused, public safety. secondly, i want a clean city. and that's where i'm going to devote my efforts and quit making excuses. we have grandmother's children and teenagers losing their lives. not only lost our homes to foreclosure, and now losing my life. and i'm a prisoner within my own home. and that's unacceptable. because these are citizens that have paid taxes all their life and yet going around making excuses, i have all types of guns. you know, i'm not doing anything about it. and that's the issue here. >> yeah, and i would like, i want to point out that stop and frisk is a politically triggered wording. but the fact is, police departments, san francisco and oakland, they do it. and they do stop ask searches.
7:47 am
>> they have the chp, the mayor brought the california highway patrol in and they're patrolling east and west oakland and pulling cars over for minor infractions and basically frisking them. >> that's the thing, a minor infraction first. with stop and frisk, the policy would be that you have the ability to stop and frisk a suspect just because you believe that they might be up to something. >> and some of that is going on. we just, we call it targeted enforcement. that's what they talked about. >> and the highway patrol has no problem doing that. >> but you're pulled over for something initially. >> the problem is that if oakland does it, the people get upset. but they bring in other agencies to bring it for them. >> san francisco did this and everybody got upset as well. >> but you have to deal with the realitieses of your neighborhood. the only thing we understand is force. i grew up in that neighbor, that's steady. my brothers and sisters are doing things, locked up in
7:48 am
other places. but so the reality is, i'm going to keep breaking into your home until you push back. and that's the only thing some of us understand and that's what's happening in oakland. >> but where you do you deal with the political balancing of it? because whether it's stop and frisk is profiling or not, it's perceived of it and as long as that's going on in oakland and other cities, they're going to tell coming in, we'll listen to you or not that part if you say it? >> you know, oakland, look, the majority of oaklanders want to be serious about crime. you have certain individuals that the leadership level that are going to use racism excuse, how poor i am as an excuse, what neighborhood it is as an excuse. but the reality is, the common citizen of oakland, you know, is tired of being locked up behind their own home. and therefore, we want drastic action because you and i know
7:49 am
who has the guns who recollects is doing the crime and we've got to quit hiding behind racial because the reality is that if they're black and latinos that are doing and being involved. and not only involved in the crime, but also being killed and. we got to get serious about it. >> the other concern, trust within the community because that's how we will solve a lot of these crimes. >> we will have to continue this debate. can you come back please? >> yes. >> i live there and i'm tired of it. >> thank you for being here. >> freshman councilman. >> and we will be right back.
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in about an hour from now. the formal c here is our live look at washington, d.c. the president taking the oath of office for the second term about an hour from now. >> that's not the president. >> no, somebody prepare for you a live report. the ceremony will happen in the white house blue room with chief justice roberts administering the oath. and the other top of the day, the 49ers. here is some spirit for you. >> we're coming for you! go niners! >> that's my niece, full disclosure.
7:53 am
yeah, she should be a cheerleader one day. she is 4 years old. and she's a bandwagon. >> she ought to be the offense i coach. >> they say raider fans are scary. >> that's right. >> we want to show us your photos and videos if you're into the 49ers. email them to us. you can then post them on our facebook page and we may share them on the show. we are expecting big watch parties for today's big game. >> yeah, and two of the biggest fans are the former mayor brown and the san francisco police chief. okay, are the 49er fans really what they used to be? >> yes. they are. they just happen to be far more distant from their natural environment. their natural environment was golden gate park, all of the area -- >> still the golden gate. that's joe montana and -- >> no. >> i disagree.
7:54 am
john, washington -- >> yeah. >> the niners, they have been rock solid since the '50est. >> but everybody this generation, the montana 49ers that everybody goes back to. but today if a 49er, how many could walk through the door and be recognized? >> none of them. >> see, i think a lot of the current fans, they don't even harken back to montana and clark and company. they're the new niner fans, but still all of the old 49er fans that can talk tall way back. >> let's bring it up to date a little bit, the game, the falcon game, what do you see? >> i think it's going to be a great game. the niners are a favorite away. fast track. they have a horrible problem with running quarterbacks. and showed last week, he's the best running quarterback that ever played in one game. >> i am very, very worried. i worry. there are three receivers in atlanta are that just equal to
7:55 am
any receivers you have seen any place. their numbers look so superior to san francisco numbers. they've got two running backs that are really first class. they are not as good, but there's two of them and they make up for that. and finally, finally, i think that their defense is ultimately as good as our defense. i'm actually going to light a candle and say a prayer because i want to win. >> i never disagree with the mayor and i know somebody has to advocate that the falcons are going to be there, but i will put him against anybody and with smith in there with the push and the line backers, they can play with anybody. >> well, our other big sport in the bay area is politics. >> and inauguration parties are happening today in the nation's capital. >> the low-key ceremonies ahead of all the pomp and circumstance that comes tomorrow. and the bay area housing
7:56 am
market is suddenly red hot. what this means for people ready to buy now. we will check in with a real estate expert.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
office. at the same time, the interest rates tipping lower and lower. >> taking advantage of the housing boom in the golden state. the signs of the housing market is recovering in california and the rest of the country. welcome back. it's 8:00. and it's january 20th. good morning. >> we have a lot to talk about in the next half hour. of course, looking forward to the big 49er game today. and mavericks taking place at half moon bay, world class surfers in our midst. >> that's right. and also the real estate market in the bay area is going up, up, up. what happened to the days of the foreclosures? meanwhile, as noted, hundreds of thousands of people are converging on the nation's capital. >> yeah, they are gathering in washington, d.c. to see president barack obama take the oath of office tomorrow. but since today is january 20th, the day they're supposed
8:00 am
to do that, there are a pair of private ceremonies this morning. randall pinkston is live in washington, d.c. with more on all the activity. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's been a busy day already at the official inauguration beginning with the swearing in of vice president biden and then the wreath laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery. and the obamas went to church this morning. and they were surprised when they sang happy birthday for mrs. obama who just turned a young 49. part of the celebrations they'll be hearing for the next two days as the president prepares to meet the public tomorrow on the mall. president barack obama and vice president biden laid a wreath at arlington national cemetery in tribute to america's fallen troops. just a short time earlier, the vice president was officially sworn in. >> duties of the office of
8:01 am
which i'm about to enter. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: later today, president barack obama fulfills the constitutional requirement to take the oath on january 20th. the public ceremony is tomorrow where 500,000 people are expected to attend. >> to be here for this historic occasion. i mean, i want to pinch myself. how great is this? >> reporter: to make sure that everyone on the national mall stays safe, thousands of troops and police officers are on patrol all trying to disrupt as little as possible. >> there's a focus on making sure that people feel like they are here to enjoy an event and get in and out without having security being overbearing. >> reporter: the inauguration festivities began on saturday with a national day of service to honor dr. martin luther king jr. president barack obama stained a bookcase at an elementary school. >> everybody here, adults to children, understands the importance of giving back.
8:02 am
>> reporter: last night, katy perry, usher and others performed at a kids inaugural ball honoring military families and their children. the first lady and her daughters were there as they kicked off three days of parties and balls to celebrate her husband's election. in about 40 minutes, president barack obama will receive the official swearing in from chief justice john roberts. he will be at the white house in the blue room. the president's family will be there with some members of the staff. it will be televised and. tomorrow, the ceremonial swearing in where thousands will be watching it on the washington mall. reporting live, randall pinkston, back to you. >> yeah, expecting thousands to be here. how difficult it is for the ordinary citizen to get a good spot to watch the ceremony? >> reporter: well, probably impossible now. here's why. >> yeah. >> reporter: it's a little
8:03 am
late. the tickets were given to members of congress, i think about 200,000, or a whole bunch were handed out. and they have been given to constituents and people who ask for them. they are gone. and now you're saying, maybe some office buildings, well monday is a holiday. and office billings will be closed off, except for those who have access to them. that's not to say you can't get here. beginning at 6:00 a.m., they'll open up access to the national mall. if you get in line early, you can get on the national mall. now how far back you will be, the washington monument or all the way down to the lincoln memorial, that's a question. but you can say, i was there. so come on, you got time. catch that redeye, get in here. >> we'll see you there. thank you for that. and stay with cbs 5, we are there in washington, d.c. and we will have complete coverage of the inauguration, and special reports from washington, d.c. as well tonight and tomorrow morning
8:04 am
starting at 4:30 a.m. and now for international headlines. today the algerian bomb squads have found numerous bodies as they search for explosives at a gas plant. the special forces raided the complex yesterday to end the stand-off with islamic militants. the government says 32 mill tans were killed. it's not clear if any hostages were successfully rescued yesterday. 23 hostages are known to be dead, but the number could rise. and after a violent siege in algeria, the state department is warning americans about the risk of traveling there. there are credible threats of more kidnappings of werners and other acts of terror. and it's authorizing the families of state department staff to leave if they want. and on wednesday, secretary of state hillary clinton will testify before congress on the fatal incident in libya. the u.s. ambassador to libya was among those killed in the terrorist attack last
8:05 am
september. clinton had planned to testify in december but then suffered health problems. and more signs that the housing market is recovering here in the united states. >> the government reported that construction was up 12% in december, the highest level in four years. and california is leading the come back. >> really pretty. >> yeah, looking good. >> reporter: they just bought their dream home. >> just felt like the economy was starting to turn. and at the same time, the interest rates were ticking lower and lower. and that created a sense of urgency. >> reporter: they are hardly alone. at this development east of los angeles, sales have tripled over the last year. they're now selling homes faster than they can build them. >> this community is hopping. there's a lot of activity. >> reporter: real estate agent rose says it's a stark contrast to the scene here five years ago when the real estate boom went bust. >> there was a period where it was like a ghost town.
8:06 am
>> a really good word for it. desolate. i did a lot of short sales and helped a lot of people move out of their dream homes and had nowhere to put them. >> reporter: and now the opposite? >> absolutely. now we're seeing it come full circle. >> reporter: and then some. >> the master bedroom. >> reporter: they haven't even furnished their four bedroom home with a view, but they have been approached by people asking -- >> are you interested in selling. i go, tough talk to my wife. and i say, let's -- i go, you have to talk to my wife. >> and i say, let's move in first. >> reporter: if they had purchased the same home five years ago -- >> it would have been foreclosured. >> yeah, that could have been us. >> yeah, we were right there. >> reporter: and now victims of the housing crunch -- >> how does that make you feel about your decision? >> secure. >> great. >> reporter: they may be part of a new dawn in real estate.
8:07 am
here in the bay area, what is behind the biggest jump of housing prices? up next, an expert joining us live in the studio. all that hope, this time it's affirmation,s their guy is there. >> and also, political insiders on what may be the president's agenda for his next four years. in the 40s. a gorgeous sunday. the entire forecast as well as changes for next weekend after a break.
8:08 am
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tweeted this fan photo to us. we've got more 49er fans to share with you. this one came in from sports lab incorporated. that's quite a shot. and karen emailed this photo of the sister fans. and we want to thank everyone for sharing. and by the way, you can show us your fan photos and videos,
8:11 am
email them to morns and post them on our facebook page. >> and we might share them on the show. >> true. just one game away from the super bowl , fans can really taste it right now. and some die hard fans are in atlanta right now. >> quest for six, new orleans style. don't give up. >> reporter: you came from you the sunset. >> salt lake city, utah. >> if the 49ers win today, they win a ticket to the super bowl . the patriots and ravens will play in the afc championship game for the second year in a row today. you can watch that at 3:30 right here. and stay tuned afterward for the 5th quarter. a big day of football. and a sunny day around the bay area. similar to yesterday which was gorgeous. >> yeah, that's right. interesting to see which ones, you watch the game and get outside. what do you say? >> watch outside. it's going to be a beautiful day around the bay
8:12 am
area today. the numbers start off on the chilly side. but we will recover to the 60s. and for january, that's not bad. and off to 27 right now. but at the airport, old mills field, it's 41 degrees. 41 at oakland. and 31 degrees in concord. and high pressure in command. but also a big swell building along the coastline. breakers to 20 feet. strong rip current and a high surf advisory until 4:00 this afternoon. so, if you're headed toward the ocean, on the time lapse here, high pressure is deflecting everything on the pacific. up over the queen and charlotte, british columbia, you can see the west coast is high and dry. we get nice weather. low pressure that's over the ocean is going to stay up there until weekend. and then we get a chance of showers moving into the bay area. we will go with sunny and mild for the bay area today. mild by january standards with
8:13 am
readings mostly in the 60s. pin point forecast is calling for, out of the bay area. back in the bay area, looks nice, 61 in san francisco. 58 for concord. 68 for san jose. up to 60 for fairfield. in atlanta, the same, mostly clear, cool and temperature at 60 degrees. for martin luther king day, nice, mid-60s. and looking for things to stay mild through tuesday. but then we get a little bit of a chill creeping in midweek. by next weekend, looking for a few showers to work their way into the bay area. in the meantime, sunshine and plenty of it. and the same way in the real estate market. that's what we're going to find out from bill and ann. the big headlines this weekend from the housing market is that it's red hot. and prices haven't risen this quickly since the mid-80s.
8:14 am
>> good morning. i've got to ask you, this is hot. but it's also interesting because i understand a lot of the sales are cash. people are actually coming in with the money straight up? >> the market is a hot, hot mark net the bay area. you are correct. for example, in my local market, where i live, so far in january, we have had 16 homes sold. and out of the six have been sold cash and two are above $1 million price range. and one is my own listing. >> and talking about people coming in with cash, typically investor, not people that will live in the homes. >> actually, the international market is growing so big. in 2013, there are going to be first-time home buyers, international buyers and investors are going to be active in the markets. >> let's talk about the situation for a first-time home buyers. because it was easier when there were so many foreclosures on the market. and now with fewer of them,
8:15 am
people with lower incomes being priced out of the market? >> actually, that's not completely true. if you look in the past four years, the equity market including market has grown from 30% to 60% of the market. the bank owned property has decreased from 60 to 20% of the market. and the inventory has gone down to about 40%. >> and i am interested, we have the high end. and in san francisco, it's going to sale, whether it's people from out of the country buying here to invest or people with money. what about in the pittsburgh, stockton, the foreclosures within the large subdivisions, are they coming back? or being snapped up by people who want to now rent them? >> huge investor market. that is an investor market. definitely.
8:16 am
>> and i am interested because that's going to affect those communities because they're going to go from being homeowner communities to rentals. what impact do you think that might have? >> well, again, the impact of the investors, the markets in that segment is growing. homeowners, first a lot of home, first-time homeowners moving into the area as well of course. >> now the price right now, they're rising, median price, last word i heard was about $443,000. highest jump in 25 years. >> right. >> what does that mean as far as the creation of another housing bubble? could that be on the way? >> yes, we are expecting in 2013 the sales jump up to 5% in 2013 and the median home prices to increase by 5.7% in california. >> so are we headed for another bubble? >> no, it's definitely a
8:17 am
seller's market. prices are going to go up. an example, the current market, i am down sizing, right? i purchased a home at the end of the december. and in january, i put my own home on the market and in two days, get the asking price. but the home that i purchased in december has increased $60,000. so it's definitely -- >> here we go again. >> in just a matter of a month. >> with premier realty. >> thank you for your input. >> thank you. >> here we go again.
8:18 am
8:19 am
inauguration parade. some hotels in washington d-c are banking on people who are willing to spend bucks on posh perk technically, you don't have to spend a dime to watch the presidential inauguration. the hotels are banking on
8:20 am
people to spend big bucks. the ritz has a package for this luxury suite that includes monogrammed pillow cases and perm styling for the balls. the price tag $100,000. now the madison hotel has a $47,000 package that includes a car and driver plus a social media butler to help you document it all. he would tweet for you and stuff because you can't do that on your own? >> i guess so. but if you have to do that, maybe you shouldn't be there. a crowd of up to 800,000 is expected to be there on the national mall tomorrow to witness the second inauguration. >> and we turn to our former mayor brown to ask them, okay, are you feeling the buzz like we did four years ago? >> no, it doesn't have the same flavor to it because it was so
8:21 am
unique four years ago and there were twice as many people. that's not now the case. >> however, there's a prime level equal to last time around, not in terms of numbers, just struggled to get to be one of the people in attendance. those of us who raised money to put up a july botron in front of the fountain, there's that pride. >> last time around it was hope, and this time it's affirmation. their guy is there. and he's going to keep moving forward. they're happy on that. >> and move on the agenda and move forward. second term tends not to be good for presidents, governors or mayors. the shift goes down. >> no. >> there are some exceptions of course. >> come on, you know that. >> well, at that stage of the
8:22 am
game, you understand that by the time of the second, you've disappointed a lot of people. for example, every time there's an opportunity to appoint, there are 20 applicants and you select one. that means you got 19 -- >> so when you look at how obama took over, his numbers are up from the first term. he is now more popular and now into an era where he announced, he is going to take the mailing list of millions of people and use it to advance his agenda against republicans. so usually the second term is a downer. but in this case, this may be the point where to be ma can say, i'm going to take to it the people, forget the republicans and go after guns, climate change, debt ceiling, and immigration. >> and one more thing going for him. >> the republicans are total disarray. they have been so poor in their choices on candidates as well
8:23 am
as issues. each of them have gone in the wrong direction. so suddenly, they're at war among themselves. >> and we're going to be watching it. >> and it's right. coming up, one more look at this morning's top stories. >> and that includes finding out who is playing in the super bowl today. the big game between the 49ers and the falcons next.
8:24 am
president obama takes the oath of office for his second term in ab welcome back. >> president barack obama taking the oath of office for the second term in about half an hour. the formal swearing in happens in the white house blue room this morning. in a public ceremony, big pomp and circumstance set for tomorrow. ask the 49ers will face the atlanta falcons today in the
8:25 am
nfc championship game. if the 49ers win, they earn their ticket to new orleans and a chance to win their sixth super bowl. prosurfers are in half moon bay today in the mavericks competition. the national weather service has issued a high surf warning for today which means prime conditions for the contest. and face the nation starts here in just a few minutes on cbs 5. >> and for us, the news is going to continue on our cw network. the days of fixing computers to pay your way through college may be over. the new trend for cash strapped students. starting at 8:30 this morning. meantime, time for one last look at the weather. the sun is shining. >> yeah, looks good. and we're going to be looking for things to turn wet next weekend. in the meantime, we stay in 60s most of the week. mid-week we cool down. next saturday, might get wet. >> well, less than 24 hours away from president barack obama's official inauguration and the parade. >> and for a lot of people, the
8:26 am
big question for fashion fans, what will the first lady wear to the balls? her gown will likely be a mystery up until the last minute. the white house has reportedly asked nearly 20 designers to send in ideas. experts say she will likely choose an american designer, likely a younger talent. >> yeah, ladies, her hair has been looking cute. >> and they changed the hair first and then the gown. >> i'm surprised you noticed that. >> there you go. thank you for joining us by the way. >> eyes for fashion. >> and face the nation is next. >> we are jumping to the cw. enjoy your sunday and go niners.
8:27 am
8:28 am
using cloud computing and mobile technology, verizon innovators have developed a projective display for firefighters. allowing them to see through anything. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. >> today on "face the nation," barack obama and the second time around. they're putting the final touches on the platforms and
8:29 am
podiums, rehearsals are under way, and vice president biden has already taken the oath. >> so help me god >> that's because the constitution says the oath must tape on january 20. the president takes it at noon, then all of it will be repeopled during public ceremony tomorrow. but in a capitol divided what next? no one has a for the handle on what the president wants to do than white house adviser david plouffe, who joins us this morning. monday as martin luther king jr.'s birthday, also, so we'll talk about all of it with the former secretary of state condoleezza rice. bob woodward of the "washington post." former clinton aid, dee dee myers of "vanity fair." conservative columnist peggy noonan of the "wall street journal." joe califano, once an aid to lyndon johnson. taylor branch, author of a new book o

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